Project Update - March 2013

The LMS-Patriot Project, is pleased to announce that Heritage Painting has been chosen to paint the new ‘Patriot’ 4-6-0 locomotive - 'The Unknown Warrior'.

Heritage Painting, the specialised railway vehicle painting service has already repainted high profile locomotives including ‘Mallard’, ‘Flying Scotsman’, ‘Dwight D. Eisenhower’ and Black 5 number 45407.

Engineering update - March 2013

Stretcher number 5 - the final stretcher that is needed for 'The Unknown Warrior' was delivered to the Llangollen Railway Works during March, after being cast at the Boro Foundry. The Lye foundry near Stourbridge has previously cast the other four frame stretchers, bogie centre pin, and driving wheels for 'The Unknown Warrior'.

The bogie frame plates were cut during March at Morgan UK Ltd. Fabrications of Tyseley and were delivered to Tyseley Loco Works where assembly of the bogie will take place.

Cylinder Appeal Launched for ‘The Unknown Warrior’

The LMS-Patriot Project, the charitable group who are building the Royal British Legion endorsed National Memorial Engine ‘The Unknown Warrior’ – has launched a £50,000 appeal for the cylinders. The appeal has been launched as a result of the discovery of a pattern maker – Precision Patterns of Oldbury who can make polystyrene patterns at a fraction of the cost of traditional wooden patterns. This will result in a significant saving in the overall costs of building the new ‘Patriot’ class 4-6-0 steam locomotive ‘The Unknown Warrior’.

Morris Lubricants Supports New ‘Patriot’ Class Steam Locomotive ‘The Unknown Warrior’

Britain’s leading family-owned, independent oil blenders and marketers, Morris Lubricants, is throwing its weight behind an exciting £1.5 million project to build a new 'Patriot' steam locomotive.

The Shrewsbury-based company, which is the market leader in steam heritage lubricants, is enthusiastically supporting the project to build a locomotive to the original Sir Henry Fowler parallel boiler design, capable of running on the mainline.

Engineering update - January 2013

Following on from the assembly of the three 6' 9" driving wheelsets for 'The Unknown Warrior' at South Devon Railway Engineering last year, quartering and fitting of the crank pins has now taken place. There are four different designs of crank pin that are needed for 'The Unknown Warrior'. The quartering of the crankpins ensures the correct alignment of the crank pins in relation to the cranks and axles. The lining up for this job took nearly two hours per crank pin, while the boring process took around a day to complete for each hole, with each cut taking around 15 minutes. About 30 cuts were required, depending on the final size of hole needed for each crank pin. South Devon Railway Engineering is believed to be the only railway engineering workshop that can do traditional crank pin quartering.

A review of Progress During 2012



All wheelsets now have a full set of tyres – quartering of wheels to be completed after Christmas. Crank pins to be manufactured and fitted during January 2013. Balance weights to be fitted during January 2013.
Wheelsets to be despatched to Llangollen mid February 2013, with painting of wheelsets to be completed during February/March 2013.


'The Unknown Warrior' Acquires 'Royal Scot' Tender

The LMS-Patriot Project has acquired a second Fowler tender that was originally built for a 'Royal Scot' class loco. The ex Barry scrapyard tender, purchased from the East Lancashire Railway at Bury, will be stripped and after a thorough assessment will be considered for restoration and eventual use with 'The Unknown Warrior'.

Driving Wheel Axle Boxes

New driving wheel axle boxes are being made for 'The Unknown Warrior. The axle boxes from unrestored ex Barry Stanier 8F number 48518 were found to be of different dimensions to 'Patriot' axle boxes.

A 'Royal Scot' axle box pattern that was obtained from Wroughton needed too many modifications to make it suitable for use with 'The Unknown Warrior'.

£500,000 Appeal Launched for New Boiler

Pete Waterman, pop mogul, steam enthusiast and loco owner was present at the launch of a £500,000 appeal for the boiler for 'The Unknown Warrior' on 19th May at the LNWR Heritage Loco works. The all new parallel ‘Fowler’ boiler of traditional construction with a copper firebox has been commissioned by the LMS-Patriot Project, the charitable group who are building the new Royal British Legion endorsed National Memorial Engine.

Spring Hangers and Cross Stay Blanks Made for 'The Unknown Warrior'

Twelve spring hangers have been made for 'The Unknown Warrior' with assistance from Project Director Neil Kinsey. The spring hangers were machined at Fastlok Engineering Ltd. in Nottingham and have now been taken to the Llangollen Railway Works to enable the rolling chassis to be assembled.

The blanks for the cross stays have also been manufactured.

Photos by Andrew Laws and Neil Kinsey.


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