The LMS-Patriot Project

Project Aims

To build a new 'Patriot' steam locomotive to the original Sir Henry Fowler parallel boiler design, capable of running on the mainline.

To create the new National Memorial engine, named 'The Unknown Warrior'.

To be complete in time for the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice in 2018.

Why a Patriot ?

The understandable failure to preserve a Patriot leaves a massive gap in the story of LMS express power. A Patriot would provide the link between the Royal Scot and Jubilee classes and would clearly enhance the UK steam collection. The class was in many ways the only link between Derby and Crewe until the advent of William Stanier.

Can it be done?

Categorically yes! The engineering skills and facilities necessary to produce a new steam locomotive in the UK are in place and proven with other new build projects and restorations. Many original LMS drawings from have been obtained for this project and with all the steam engineering expertise around the UK this project is possible. New drawings are being created using CAD techniques where the original drawings cannot be found.

Assembly of the 'The Unknown Warrior' began in 2009 led by Dave Owen, Chief Mechanical Engineer at the Llangollen Railway Works. Other workshops around the UK are now involved including the Boro Foundry, The South Devon Railway, L.N.W.R Heritage and Tyseley Locomotive Works.

Restoration began in November 2010 of the Fowler tender that was acquired from the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The frames and wheelsets will be restored, and a brand new tender body will be built.

Fundraising for the new boiler for 'The Unknown Warrior' began in 2012 with the national launch for the 'Boiler Appeal' taking place at Crewe on 19th May. LNWR Heritage at Crewe, the Company founded by pop mogul and steam enthusiast Pete Waterman will be building the new parallel boiler.

Creating the New National Memorial Engine

The new locomotive will serve as a permanent memorial to all those who fought and died in the First World War and all subsequent wars. This was the original intention of the L. & N. W. R. Claughton memorial engine and later LMS 'Patriot' number 5500, after which the class took the name.

The new 'Patriot' will be named 'The Unknown Warrior' in keeping with the tradition of war memorial engines. The LMS-Patriot Project aims to continue this tradition in memory of all those brave men and women who courageously served their country.

The LMS-Patriot Project has received the endorsement of The Royal British Legion, and 45551 will carry a Legion crest above 'The Unknown Warrior' nameplate, in recognition of this.

Mainline Running

'The Unknown Warrior' is being built for mainline running. A high profile engine such 'The Unknown Warrior' in its role as the national memorial engine will be be a huge attraction on the mainline. However, mainline running would require the locomotive to be built to a height of 13'1”. This is 1 ½” less than the original design. The design of the chimney and cab would be affected by the reduced height requirements and additional items that are required for mainline running including TPWS, OTMR and possibly air braking also need to be considered. The LMS-Patriot Project is already working closely with a Vehicle Acceptance Body (VAB) representative to allow 'The Unknown Warrior' to be mainline certified.

What is required and what will it cost?

Manufactured to the original drawings, using all new material.
Cost: Approximately £48,000

Three separate castings 18”X 26”. Patterns estimated at circa £30,000 with each casting costing around £6000 plus machining at £2000 per cylinder.
Cost: Approximately £54,000

Driving Wheelsets:
Three new 6’9” wheelsets utilising the existing pattern from Tyseley Locomotive Works that was made for ex-Barry Jubilee 'Galatea'.
Cost: Approximately £60,000 for 6 driving wheel castings
Cost: Approximately £90,000 for 6 tyres, 1 crank axle, 2 axles, 6 crank pins.

Entirely new.
Cost: Approximately: £150,000

Entirely new.
Cost: Approximately £500,000

Cab Fittings and Other Pipework :
Entirely new.
Cost: Approximately £70,000

Existing at Barry.
Cost: Refurbishment and new body £30,000

The above costs give an indication of some of the costs at today's prices of the major components for the 'Patriot'. A Project of this size is huge undertaking and we are looking to raise up to £1.5 Million.

How the Project will be financed

The LMS-Patriot Project will raise money through:

Who is behind it?

The LMS-Patriot Project was launched by David Bradshaw - a key member of Didcot's Great Western Society 'County' project. Other Directors are Kevin Finnerty, Andrew Laws, Richard Sant and Steve Blackburn.

How to get involved

If you would like to be part of this exciting project to create a new 'Patriot' we would love to hear from you. Setting up a Banker's Order to make regular monthly payments is the easiest and best way to help. If you are a UK taxpayer, we will also be able to claim Gift Aid from the Government if you also send us a completed and signed Gift Aid form.

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