The LMS-Patriot Project

Roll of Honour

Many people are involved in the creation of the 'The Unknown Warrior' and without them, the Project would not have progressed as far as it has. This Roll of Honour gratefully acknowledges the following:

They sponsored the following parts for 'The Unknown Warrior':

They donated £150 or more to 'The Unknown Warrior' (as single donations):
J. Buxton - nameplates
D. Anderson - Royal British Legion Crests
R. O'Connor - dragbox
D. Hancox - front buffer beam
D. Mulholland - rear buffer beam
P. Hellawell - hornguide pattern
D. Collins - smoke deflectors (2)
The Misses Smith - buffers (2)
C. Tasker - buffers (2)
D. Mulholland - tender restoration
The Misses Smith - nameplate and crest
S. P. Cook - tyre (1)
W. J. Dixon - plain axle (1)
D. Nash - driving wheel axle box (1)
N. & K. Kinsey - driving wheel horn guide (1)
R. Hackshall - spring hanger casting (1)
J. Evans - spring hanger casting (1)
Maj (Retd.) M. G. Evans R.A.O.C. - spring hanger casting (1)
Maj (Retd.) M. G. Evans R.A.O.C. - loco horn guide pattern (1)
J. Jackson - wheel (1)
D. Nash - loco axle box casting (1)
C. Hewitt - tender axle box castings (6)
R. Cockroft - driving wheel horn guide (1)
Donation in Memory of Henry Excell - spring hanger casting (1)
J. Sandiford - smokebox door

N. Wellings
C. Tasker
J. Brooks
A. Wall
J. Hancock
P. Kenyon
D. & H. Fakes
P. Cunningham
G. Stacey
M. Burrows
K. Chynoweth
A. Bodlander
T. Bradley
P. Gomm
R. Sant
A. Briddon
J. Marshall
C. Perkins
Warwickshire Railway Society
W. Twiss
D. Halsey
S. Ackley
A. Moore
C. Hughes
Mr Kenyon
P. Cunningham
D. J. Cadden
A. Laws
J. Julian
G. P. Thomas
C. Thompson
D. P. May
R. J. Browne
G. C. Perry
K. Finnerty
J. H. Dixon
D. Jones
R. Ward
B. J. Bloore
G. Ward
C. Wolfson
N. J. Chambers
I. Hunter
W. D. Smyth
M. Evans
D. Burgess
P. T. Bryant
J. D. Hutchinson
J. Hastings-Thomson
S. Lindsay
D. Temple
S. P. Cook
Miss C. G. Gillard
T. Jackson
G. Shell
D. Hughes
D. Bradshaw

[Click Here] to see a list of parts that can be sponsored. (Apologies if you are not yet included, please contact us if you do NOT want to be listed).
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