Illustrated Talk On the LMS Patriot New Build Group

LCGB/RCTS Brighton Branches, London Road Railway Station, Brighton.

Please note this event has been postponed due to double booking of speakers by the organisers. We do apologise but this was beyond our control.

Illustrated Talk On the LMS Patriot New Build Group, Gravesend

Gravesend Railway Enthusiasts Society, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Windmill Street, Gravesend, Kent.

First Outside Cylinder Cast

A group of project supporters travelled to Coupe Castings, Preston last night to witness the casting of the first of the two Outside Cylinders required for The Unknown Warrior.
Five tons of molten SG Iron was prepared for the casting, the final casting weight was expected to be around 2 1/2 tons.
The casting will now be left in the mould until the middle of next week to cool, before being broken out of the sand mould.

Illustrated Talk On the LMS Patriot New Build Group

 LCGB, Central London Branch, Keen House, 4, Calshot Street, London, N1 9DA

Engineering Update - March 2014

Locomotive Frame Assembly
Work continues at Tyseley Locomotive Works on preparing to fit the axleboxes into the main frame. All the Horn Guides are now ground and the frame assembly has been measured to determine how much to machine from each axlebox to get the axle centre in the correct position. The Axleboxes themselves have had all the remaining oil holes and fixing holes for the brasses machined in. The brasses are ready to be pressed in over the next couple of days.


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