Engineering Update - July 2014

Locomotive Frame Assembly

Following the wheeling of the chassis at Tyseley Locomotive Works in late June the chassis was only display at the Tyseley Locomotive Works Open Weekend on 5th & 6th July, before moving back to Llangollen on Friday 11th July.

That one small sentence does not explain the effort and logistics involved to move the chassis the 80 miles between to two sites.

The chassis was shunted out of the works and placed ready for the road transporter on Thursday 10th. The transporter was booked to arrive at 8am, will arrival at Llangollen expected around 2pm. Unfortunately, technical issues with the trailer booked meant it did not arrive at Tyseley until12.15pm. Loading was completed and we departed Tyseley at 2pm. Due to the size of load the route was south east along the A34 to join the M42 , M6, M54 and A5 past Shrewsbury.

The loco travels along the A5 at Shrewsbury. 

Friday afternoon is probably not the best time to move a large load along that route, traffic was heavy and we arrived in Llangollen just after 6pm. The Eisteddfod was in full swing so the visitors were treated to the sight of The Unknown Warrior on the road transporter driving onto the river bridge by the station before reversing up Abbey Road to gain entry into the works yard. The loco rolled off the trailer by gravity controled by the trailers winch. It came to rest with the rear wheels still on the final section of the ramp.

Project Engineer Kevin West and Chris from Llangollen Engineering contemplate having to push it the final few feet clear of the ramp. 

Due to restrictions on noise unloading took place on Saturday morning. After the service locomotives had left the yard, The Unknown Warrior was shunted into the shed and a small team of project volunteers cleaned and polished the locomotive ready for the members day.

Since Members Day, the chassis has had additional painting work undertaken. The inside of the frames have been cleaned and top coated and other areas have been touched up as required. The inside of the cab is being given a coat of top coat as well.

Inside Cylinder Casting

The fully machined replacement Inside Cylinder Casting is at Llangollen ready for fitting into the locomotive.

The Outside Motion Brackets and Smokebox Base Side castings have also been finished machined and are also at Llangollen.

Outside Cylinder Castings

The castings for both Outside Cylinders were moved from Coupe Castings, Preston for display with the locomotive at the Members Day on 19th July

The castings are now at Harco Engineering for machining.

The loco and parts as displayed in Members Day 19th July 2014. In front of the loco are the 3 cylinders, then a selection of valve gear and motion parts. The Outside Motion Brackets are on the pallet in the foreground.

Pistons, Valves and Motion

The Motion Girders are also at Harco Engineering for machining.

Tyseley Locomotive Works will be suppling the valve heads and rods and pistons and rods. This is part of a bulk order that includes identical parts required for Jubilee class locomotives Bahamas, Koluhpur and Leander.


Detailed discussions have been undertaken with Tyseley Locomotives Works, where work on assembly of the bogie is due to start.

Delivery to Llangollen is due at the end of March next year.


Work is progressing at LNWR Crewe on forming the inner firebox flanged plates. The doorplate is almost finished with work in progress on the more complicated throatplate. Completion of the inner firebox is on schedule for February 2015.

The Inner Firebox Doorplate under manufacture at LNWR Crewe.

Detail work on the new drawings required for the boiler continues.

The order for the outer firebox Steel Flanged plates is about to be placed on Tyseley Locomotive Works.


The design for the new tender tank has been progressing when time allows.

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