‘Rails and Remembrance’ Exhibition Launched at the People’s History Museum, Manchester

The LMS-Patriot Project launched an exhibition – titled ‘Rails and Remembrance’, at the People’s History Museum in Manchester on 3rd May. The Project has received Heritage Lottery Funding to stage the exhibition.

The exhibition which initially runs from 3rd May to 15th June in the Community Gallery at the People’s History Museum, features a specially produced video and exhibition which tell the story of the role railways played during the Great War and how several Remembrance engines were built as a memorial to the employees of Railway Companies who gave their lives during the Great War.

As the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War approaches, the LMS-Patriot Project is building a new National Memorial Engine – ‘The Unknown Warrior’ which will serve as a new memorial to all those who fell during the Great War and subsequent conflicts. ‘The Unknown Warrior’ is expected to be completed by 2018 – to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which brought about the end of the Great War.

Peter Alexander, exhibition designer; Richard Sant, LMS-Patriot Company Secretary;
Chris Hughes from BBC TV's Eggheads; Louise Sutherland from the PHM; Keith Whitmore,
PHM Trustee and Kevin West and Jordan Leeds from The LMS-Patriot Project at the opening
of the 'Rails and Remembrance Exhibition' at the PHM. Photo by Andrew Laws/LMS-Patriot Project  

Richard Sant, LMS-Patriot Company Secretary said, “The LMS-Patriot Project is delighted to be staging an exhibition at the People’s History Museum in Manchester about Remembrance Engines, the VC recipients and the Railways. The new exhibition brings the story to the present day with the creation of the new National Memorial Engine ’The Unknown Warrior’ which is being built to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice”. 

The LMS-Patriot Project also launched a partnership with Privateer Beers – a flourishing Manchester micro-brewery at the People’s History Museum. Privateer Beers are producing  four specially brewed ‘Patriot’ themed ales – ‘Patriot’, ‘Illustrious’, ‘The Unknown Warrior’ and ‘Lady Godiva’ for The LMS-Patriot Project. A donation from the sale of each barrel is being donated to The LMS-Patriot Project by Privateer Beers, to help build the new British Legion Endorsed National Memorial engine – ‘The Unknown Warrior’. 

Matt Jarvis, owner of Privateer Beers said, “I’m proud to be associated with such a fantastic Project as ‘The LMS-Patriot Project’. ‘Patriot’ ale is the first of four fundraising ales that Privateer Beers will be producing for The LMS-Patriot Project. I’m delighted that the partnership between Privateer Beers and The LMS-Patriot Project will go some way towards helping to build ‘The Unknown Warrior’”.

Matt Jarvis from Privateer Beers and Chris Hughes from BBC TV's Eggheads with the
new specially brewed 'Patriot' fundraising ale. Photo by Andrew Laws/LMS-Patriot Project

The first Privateer real ale, ‘Patriot’, was available to LMS-Patriot Project members and invited guests who attended the opening of the exhibition at the People’s History Museum in Manchester on 3rd May.  ‘Patriot’ ale has initially been launched as a cask ale to the trade, and a bottled version of ‘Patriot’ ale will be available soon. ‘Patriot’ ale is a 3.9% ABV amber ale brewed with English hops.

Chris Hughes from BBC TV’s Eggheads also made a speech on behalf of The LMS-Patriot Project thanking Sally Smith and her colleagues at the Heritage Lottery Fund and Louise Sutherland and Josh Butt at the People’s History Museum.

Keith Whitmore then made a speech on behalf of the trustees of the People’s History Museum and expressed his pleasure with the association of The LMS-Patriot Project and the People’s History Museum.

For more information about The People’s History Museum, please visit:  www.phm.org.uk/whatson/the-lmp-patriot-project-rail-and-remembrance

For more information about Privateer Beers, please visit:  www.facebook.com/pages/Privateer-Beers/375116175890363 or https://twitter.com/Privateerbeers

To order ‘Patriot Ale’ from Privateer Beers, please call 0161 2737077 or 07969 771102

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